Price quantities table changed

Hi all,

I noticed the quantities table changed the displayed values. (Important: I’m using the Ledger Module) Instead of showing the “Total Price” value field now the “Value” field is shown. This way from the price quantities table it’s impossible to derive the total as the unit price is not shown in the table.

I used the price quantities table to export and analyse my sales, which I have to do via the sales logs now. Was my workflow wrong or did something go wrong with the latest updates?

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Hi @Max - welcome to the farmOS forum!

Yes, the Ledger module changed right before the “stable” 2.0.0 version was released. Before that it was still in “alpha” status so that we could iron out these kinds of wrinkles.

Here is the issue which describes the rationale for the change, for background: Refactor price quantity data architecture [#3324839] |

That said, you should be able to still get the data out in the way that you need.

Try going to Records > Quantities > Price. This will have the extra Total Price column.

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Hi @mstenta!

Thanks a lot for the link, very helpful to understand the underlying logic.

That’s exactly how I was getting my data (the last time was around October 2022), there never was a “Total Price” column, but a “Quantity value” column containing all the total prices. Whereas now, the “Quantity value” column contains the quantity values (as the name suggests) but I cannot find any “Total Price” column.

Here is a screenshot of my GUI:

Introduced data in the sales log:
Value 10
Units kg
Unit price 3
Total price 30 (calculated)
As you see only the Value is displayed in the table.

Thanks for the welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Oh @Max I think you’ve discovered a bug! I thought that the Total Price column existed on /quantities/price but I’m looking at it now, and it does not!

I’ll open a bug report…

Thanks for the update @mstenta!

I thought my sales dropped, better it’s a bug :joy:


Good news @Max: I fixed the issue - so you’ll see the Total Price and Unit Price in the Price Quantities list in the next release of farmOS.