Accepting suggestions for the microblog

As you may know, we recently set up an official Git repository for farmOS’s “microblog” (GitHub - farmOS/farmOS-microblog: farmOS Microblog), which automatically posts the Git commit messages from the repo to both our Mastodon and Twitter accounts, in an effort to keep the two in sync.

(As of today, however, we are no longer posting to Twitter because they have restricted their API and @farmOSorg is not publicly visible without a Twitter account anymore. So moving forward we will only be posting to Mastodon.)

We’d love to hear suggestions for microblog posts!

Do you have a farmOS module you’re working on?

Have you developed a record keeping workflow that others might find useful?

Is there a forum topic or other resource you think we should share more broadly?

Let us know! Feel free to post your suggestions to this thread! :slight_smile: