Call for Content!

For a while now we’ve been developing the idea of creating a section of the farmOS website for community contributed content, specifically blog posts and tutorials about how people are using farmOS in their daily workflow. Now that we’re moving ahead with the redesign of, having completed the initial scaffolding phase, there are no more technical barriers to adding this content to the site, beyond starting a GitHub repository for that content.

Such content would benefit the entire community, by making farmOS more accessible to more users, opening up new opportunities for development, and growing the community as a whole. On that premise, I think it is only sensible that we use some portion of our community funds to incentivize and compensate the authors.

At our next monthly call, I would like to discuss the best way to collectively allocate funding to such content creation, and how it relates to the beta release of farmOS v2 and our goals as we move towards the general release. As mentioned on the call agenda, some things to consider are:

  • The process for sponsoring content
  • Topics we would like to see covered
  • Budget? Word limits/caps?

So if you are available this Wed, Jan 12 at 2pm EST, please attend and share your thoughts, or leave your comments below. Thanks!


I would be interested in creating video and blog content for farmOS, but I only recently started using it, so I’m not immediately useful for this. I think I need a season using 2.0 to really get to know it, then I could start with some general introductory posts on my website and social media showing how we’re using it on our farm, which I could make available for y’all to use on if you like it.

As far as the process for sponsoring content, maybe the forum could vote for a periodic topic or project? Not sure how that would work.

P.S. I’ll try to join the meeting on a device with a camera and microphone next month :slight_smile:


@jgaehring , I’m very excited about contributing in this way. I’m sad I missed the call.

I’ve had a lot of setbacks on my schedule related to a couple of projects going WAY over schedule and the ongoing Omicron disruptions. However, I’ll definitely be contributing regularly starting in early March. Thanks so much for working out the hooks to make it happen.

With regard to process, I think it can be based on the “wish list” for this content. Basically, the community creates a wish list, then anyone that wants to bite off that content does so after putting together a quick plan and submitting it for a flat-fee compensation (say $100?).

Maybe the first procedure should be written by you on how to contribute a procedure (is that technically a meta-procedure? :thinking:).


I like the idea of having content from folks of varying degrees of experience using farmOS, kinda how “unboxing” videos can be informative. @Farmer-Ed has also been doing some great posts on his site, kind of similar to what you described. Another thing to point out is that we can make sure to have add a canonical link back to your site for any content, so if you write something up and after the fact realize it would be a good piece for the farmOS blog, then we could syndicate it, so to speak.

Totally! I actually did something similar for the intitial work on the new website and it seemed to work alright. We didn’t get too many votes on the forum, but we left it open til the following monthly call and did a final vote there.

Oy, I hear ya, personally I’m trying to practice more restraint with my commitments as we head into year 3 of this. But I’m sure we’ll still have plenty to use a hand with come March or later!

Yea, I like this! Perhaps in combo with a proposal and vote on the forum like @texasecofarms suggested above.

I might’ve beat you to the punch, actually! To go along with my proposal for the website scaffolding, I initially drafted up a procedure for this kind of thing, in Community Governance, but I think we could definitely update it for these proposals, since they’ll likely be narrower in scope.

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Continuing the discussion from FarmOS 2.x Installation Documentation:

These would also be some good content to fund. Should we perhaps start a dedicated wiki topic just for ideas like this, and continue the more procedural discussion here?

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