farmOS Monthly Call, 10 Mar 2021

farmOS Monthly Call

This is a living thread for the 2021-03-10 farmOS monthly call. For general information about these monthly calls see

10 Mar 2021 - Call Link


  1. redesign (see proposal)
  2. Data model docs PR
  3. 2.x development progress/updates
  4. …


  • Michael Stenta
  • Jamie Gaehring
  • Paul Weidner
  • Allan Chappell
  • Rosemary Steup
  • Kevin Lumbard
  • Johannes Lauer
  • Kip Crossing
  • Nick Weinstock
  • Symbioquine
  • Steven Zeng


  • …

To avoid collisions in editing around the time of the meeting, please feel free to put notes in comments on this thread.


Hi all, just wanted to note that this topic is an editable “wiki post”, so I encourage community members to add items to the agenda they would like to discuss this Wed.

See you there!

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Thanks for starting this format @jgaehring! I’m excited to see more planning/structure around agenda formation and note-taking for the monthly call…


A few rough notes from the beginning of the meeting. Note: These aren’t quotes, hope I did justice to what folks were trying to say with these summaries…

@jgaehring: Opening meeting, asking for any missing/ad-hoc topics.

Asking for thoughts on Work Proposal: Scaffold a new Gatsby site for & 2.x docs

@symbioquine: Wondering whether the proposal format creates a bias towards large projects?

Perhaps it would make sense for even those projects which aren’t expected to involve compensation to be assigned a dollar value to create a “benchmark” for the flows of contributions.

That could create transparency around the overall cost and long-term sustainability of the farmOS funding model…

@mstenta: Historically the Open Collective funds have been used for “community” stuff more than development. Many development projects are funded through sponsored features right now and if we tried to fund most of the development out of the Open Collective funds it wouldn’t go very far.

____: The idea is to start with the “proposal”/voting strategy and see how that works…

____: From the perspective of a monthly contributor, I’ve been trusting the core developers to determine what the best use of those funds.

____: The discussion about how to allocate funds and self-govern could both be valuable to other projects and be informed by other projects.