farmOS Monthly Call, 09 June 2021

farmOS Monthly Call

This is a living thread for the 2021-06-09 farmOS monthly call. For general information about these monthly calls see

09 June 2021 - Call Link


  1. Status of 2.0 development, and testing program (/walt)

Note: Time boxes above are based on the current proposed agenda items and are negotiable if additional agenda items come to light.


  • Michael Stenta
  • Jamie Gaehring
  • Symbioquine (Morgan)
  • Walt Ludwick
  • Ryan M
  • Nick Weinstock (BOTL Farm)
  • Varun Baker
  • Victoria Cox
  • Simon Goodall
  • Johannes Lauer
  • William Burnidge
  • Mark Rugaba


To avoid collisions in editing around the time of the meeting, please feel free to put notes in comments on this thread.


Dunno if the intent was for random users like me to edit the agenda, but i expect the SitRep re: v2.0 dev would be high on all interested parties’ agenda anyway, so -there you have it! /walt


Thanks, @walt, and yea, anyone is free to add to the agenda! We’ll definitely make sure to provide some updates.

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