farmOS Monthly Call, 14 Apr 2021

farmOS Monthly Call

This is a living thread for the 2021-04-14 farmOS monthly call. For general information about these monthly calls see

14 Mar 2021 - Call Link


  1. (30 min) Discuss alpha release of farmOS 2.x and progress/feedback
  2. (15 min) Data visualization project brainstorming with Stephanie
  3. (15 min) Symbioquine to demo and solicit feedback on a prototype of a touch editing interaction for farmOS-map - See this thread
  4. Final Review & Vote on Work Proposal: Scaffold a new Gatsby site for & 2.x docs

Note: Time boxes above are based on the current proposed agenda items and are negotiable if additional agenda items come to light.


  • Michael Stenta, Victoria Cox, Rosemary Steup, Symbioquine, Stephanie, Johannes Lauer, Kevin Lumbard, Nick Weinstock, Paul Weidner, William Burnidge, shane, Morgan Brand, Jamie Gaehring


To avoid collisions in editing around the time of the meeting, please feel free to put notes in comments on this thread.


@jgaehring or @mstenta Please convert this topic to a wiki post at your convenience. Cheers!

Done! Thanks for starting this, @Symbioquine. See you there!

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@jgaehring I’d really like to make sure we get to my agenda item… Any objection to putting myself back in the #2 slot? I’m happy to timebox pretty strictly to 10 minutes and perhaps we should also timebox the release status item (#1) too depending how much time the brainstorming session needs…

I spoke with @mstenta and learned that the data visualization brainstorming agenda item should also be relatively quick. Thus, I kept the order but added proposed time boxes to all three agenda items.

All sounds good to me! I think we can monitor time and make sure we get to everything, too. See you there!

Oh! Almost forgot to add Redesign to the agenda! Editing the agenda now…