Convention for tracking vehicle mileage

Over the past few years I have used a mobile app Fuelio to track my car mileage and fuel usage. It recently updated and for a moment I thought I had lost all of my data…! The app will backup to google drive but the “auto import” didn’t work. In the end I do have my data in CSV format, but now I also have a motivation to start storing this data in farmOS… :slight_smile:

Features I’m specifically interested in:

  • Track vehicle odometer (in miles)
  • Track fuel inputs - gallons, cost per gallon, total cost
  • Compute vehicle mileage (miles/gallon) between fill ups and over longer time ranges
  • Mobile form to input this data (Field kit or Asset link)
  • Eventually create more detailed reports and graphs of this
  • Likely provide a CSV export

I would like to start a module that provides these features but would like to do so in a generalized way as much as possible. A few things that come to mind are supporting various units for typical vehicle fuel economy (miles, km, gallons, liters). But also curious if this could be use for farm equipment as well, like tracking equipment hours & fuel usage, if it makes sense?

All this said, it would make sense to start a convention for what it means to store these “mileage” or “fuel usage” records (mileage in itself is a bad name for this…). To start I’d love to just collect ideas from people who are interested in this and may already be recording this information. Then hopefully we can distill different use-cases into one (or more!) compatible conventions and make a plan for building these features into an initial module.

So don’t be shy… I want to hear your wildest ideas :slight_smile:


I have been tracking miles of my personal vehicles I use for farming in farmOS for the past few years. It gets recorded as a standard measurement type length/depth, the value is the actual miles used, units is miles, and label is what vehicle I used. At the end of the year I run a quantity report end export it to a csv. I’m typically recording this after the fact (I know the same trip to the farmers market is the same distance every week) so odometer readings would not be useful to me.

I have bene interested in the past to record tractor hours by actual gage readings and be able to track total tractor hours for particular projects, but have not done anything like this in the past.

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