Dart API wrapper

Hey all,

I’m thinking of starting work on a dart API wrapper for the FarmOS API. This would be a spin-off project from my Soil Mate app where I’d like to give the user the option to add and sync their data to their FarmOS platform.

I just want to make sure that It’s cool to use the FarmOS trademark as the package name; specifically “farm_os” or “farmos” as snake case is the convention on the dart package index. I plan to license it with a LGPL 3.0 licence.


Hi @Kipling - welcome to the farmOS forum!

Thanks for asking about this! And excited to hear about the potential integration!

Take a look at the farmOS Trademark Guidelines, specifically the section titled “Statements about compatibility, interoperability or derivation”: Trademark - farmOS.org

You may use the Word Marks, but not the Logos, to truthfully describe the relationship between your software and ours. Our Mark should be used after a verb or preposition that describes the relationship between your software and ours. So you may say, for example, “Bob’s software for the farmOS platform” but may not say “Bob’s farmOS software.” Some other examples that may work for you are:

  • [Your software] works with farmOS software
  • [Your software] uses farmOS software
  • [Your software] is compatible with farmOS software
  • [Your software] is powered by farmOS software
  • [Your software] runs on farmOS software
  • [Your software] for use with farmOS software
  • [Your software] for farmOS software

One of the main goals of the trademark is to prevent confusion. Specifically you just want to make sure it doesn’t appear to be an “official” library supported by the farmOS maintainers, and obviously it shouldn’t confuse anyone into thinking that it is “farmOS” itself. So be sure to make that clear in your README or other project documentation.

As for the package name itself, I think it’s fine to use the name “farmos”, as long as the docs/description make it clear that it’s “unofficial”.

It does make me wonder… should farmOS have an “official” Dart library? :slight_smile:

We have Python and JavaScript libs:

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Hi @mstenta - thanks for the warm welcome.

And thanks for clearing that up for me. It’s always better to ask


Flutter is great for rapid cross-platform mobile development. A FarmOS library for dart would be great as it would allow developers to punch out Apps that can be customised for a specific farm or discipline; in my case soil observations and mapping.

I’m happy for this thread to be used for continued discussions on this and of course, I’d be keen to contribute to an official dart library.


Thanks @Kipling - exciting!

Have you started a Git repository for your Dart library? I suppose we could always make that “official” in the future if you were willing to maintain it.

Curious to learn more about what your immediate needs and use-cases are with the Soil Mate app! As it pertains to connecting to farmOS, but also more generally!

Not yet. I will post updates here when I do (I need to find a bit of time away from my day job).

Yeah, for sure! let’s see how we go.


Dart/Flutter has been popping up on my radar a lot lately, and really starting to pique my interest. I’m especially intrigued by its many compilation targets, but also the fact that the Dart VM could be used to host other languages like the JVM does for the likes of Kotlin, Clojure, Groovy, etc.

Any recent developments with SoilLogR, @Kipling?