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Hello friends, my name is Ben and I am from Chile.

I have some clients who demand, together with the shipment of the products, to also send a log of everything that was done during their production. I came to farmOS looking for help with this, but after uploading sample information I can’t download it in any format that will help me send it to my customers. I saw several tutorials where they indicated that you could download a CSV file but in my test version the button does not appear. What could it be? is there any other way to download reports per asset? generate any PDF or CSV?



Welcome to the farmOS community @BABARCA! :slight_smile:

The CSV export button appears on Log and Asset listing pages (eg: “Assets > [type]” or “Logs > [type]” in the main menu). It is at the bottom of the page under the result counter and pager.

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There are some limitations to what is included in the CSVs. See the documentation here: Export - farmOS.org

is there any other way to download reports per asset?

Hmm there isn’t a great way to do this via the UI currently - it would be a good feature to add (a CSV export button on the asset pages themselves, at the very least). Some challenges there - due to the fact that the asset pages show a separate list for each log type, so it would mean multiple CSVs per asset.

Another option to consider, if you are comfortable with code and APIs, is to query raw log information via the farmOS API. For example, you can get a list of all logs that reference asset 5 with the following URL: /log.json?asset=5

See the API documentation for more details: API - farmOS.org

Note that the above applies to farmOS 1.x. We are actively working on farmOS 2.x, and are seeking feedback (see farmOS 2.x Releases (and What to Expect)).

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much Mike!
The CSV button did not appear because I was clicking “all assets”. By clicking “plantations” the CSV button appeared (maybe that was the problem). I managed to download the CSV file and the information it provides is basic but managing it could work for us.
I think I understand the second alternative to download the information by programming a query, but the truth is that I do not have knowledge / experience in programming. I saw that in farmier there is the alternative to quote that programming. I think I will start using farmOS and then quote a more sophisticated data download solution maybe we can afford it.

Thank you very much again!