FarmOS is very helpful!

I have been using a self hosted installation for the past 3(ish) months and I am finding it incredibly useful! It is very nice being able to search terms and see the exact dates when things happened. I first found it a little daunting to figure out how to categorize everything but after a few days of putzing I found a good way to use it. Right now, I consider it as a nicely indexed replacement for keeping a big notebook, but I know there are more features that I will play with once I get more time.

I am currently working on some sensors and automation which I will talk more about once I get more tangible progress with.

Attached is a pic of the ancient computer I am hosting with, tacked into the frame of my garage.

Just wanted to check in and say thanks to developers, and if you are new and it seems confusing, keep at it!


Glad to hear it @scissors! :smiley: