FarmOS on Raspberry Pi 4

Hello everyone,
I am new here and I try to set up a webserver on Raspberry Pi 4 to host FarmOS. I couldnt find a proper guide for this and I am lost a bit right now, I would appreciate any help. :slight_smile:
What I have done so far:

  1. got the Raspberry KIT
  2. made a LAMP server following the steps here:
  3. installed Drupal:

It turned out, that Drupal 7 is to use for current FarmOS release. But still I cannot install FarmOS as a new module on Drupal 7, and I am wondering if I am completely wrong? :confused:

Can somebody give some hints written so simple that a beginner as me can understand it? :smiley: Thanks a lot…


Hi @somjo991 - welcome to the farmOS community!

Have you seen the installation documentation on

This should explain everything you need to know.

With regard to the links you shared: the key thing to understand is that farmOS is not a Drupal module - it is a Drupal distribution. This means that you download farmOS as if you are downloading Drupal itself. The latest release tarball (7.x-1.7) can be downloaded from - then you unpack that into your Apache webroot just like you would Drupal itself.

Hope that helps!

And for what it’s worth, some others in the community have explored installing farmOS on Raspberry Pi using Docker. This might be a bit more advanced, but also has some advantages over installing/maintaining a LAMP stack yourself. Here are some relevant threads if you are interested (or anyone else who finds this thread in the future):

And on that note, I am hoping that we can start building our own farmOS ARM Docker images for farmOS 2.x in the future. See


Dear mstenta,
I will try that way, thanks a lot for your help and support!!

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