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Hmm strange! So if you go to /assets/land you see them on the map, but not when you look at the dashboard? There are very few differences between those two maps, functionally speaking… so if /assets/land works but the dashboard doesn’t then it’s a real head scratcher!

The only difference I have seen which might make a difference is that in the list of land assets it does not seem to have anything in the location column. When you view the asset the location tab is selected but nothing appears in the column. I am assuming it should say something in that column. Is there any where I can install some demo data or manually change that column in the db ?

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@oliverp44 Would you like to hop into the farmOS chat at some point and try to debug this together? It might be easier/quicker to try things together.

I’ll be on/off over the next week with holidays and such, but feel free to ping me and if I’m around I’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks - am around now if convenient

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sorry missed you earlier now back on

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FYI @oliverp44 and I debugged this in chat - it turned out to be a bug with farmOS 2.x when it is installed in a subdirectory (which is the case in @oliverp44’s instance). I will fix them. But there may be other things like this - we haven’t been testing 2.x in a subdirectory during development. So please let us know if you find more issues!