How to add categories

on the help page I read that categories for log entries can be added

Logs can be assigned to one or more categories. A set of pre-defined categories are provided by farmOS, and more can be added by users.

However I can not find out the way to add a custom category. I would like to have category for fertilizer treatment in log type input. Can anyone explain to me, please?

Any other ideas on how to filter for log type fertilizer treatment in order to achieve a better overview on which fertilizer was used in which amout or proportion on which asset?


I am relatively new new, So this may not be the correct way, but this is how I have managed to add categories. You need to go to “manage” at the very top, to “structure”, to “Taxonomy”. Also accessible through yourhost/admin/structure/taxonomy. From here you can add or edit most terms (including categories) used though farmOS.


Thanks @BOTLFarm - that’s exactly right. We should add an easier-to-find link somewhere in farmOS. Maybe just in the category field description so you can get to it easily from the log forms themselves.

In the meantime, you can go directly to /admin/structure/taxonomy to see all the Taxonomies that farmOS uses and manage terms in each.

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Ah! Got it. Thank you @BOTLFarm
Good Idea @mstenta! I was able to add custom material, units,etc. but didn’t find the categories.

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One thing I spotted when checking the categories: I have 2 entries for each predefined category. One in English, one in German. Maybe I did something wrong when installing the german language file. Did anyone else with additional language see the same?

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Oh hmm this may be a bug you discovered @PDorfFarm. Would you mind filing a bug report in the issue queue? - I have a hunch why this happened.

Sure, here it is

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