Map Images No Longer Loading

Starting yesterday afternoon, the map images on FarmOS no longer load. I get the map window with the legend, zoom/zoom out, etc, but the image isn’t there and is unresponsive. Anyone else have this issue before? Thanks! Kyle

Hi @kyle - Try again now… I “fixed” it (temporarily) for you.

The reason this happened is you had the Google Maps layers module enabled, which is not compatible with the new version of farmOS (2.0.0-beta4). This was reported originally by @oliverp44 here: farmOS 2.0.0-beta4 has been released - #2 by oliverp44

I’m in the process of updating all Farmier-hosted instances to the new version. I sent the following email out to everyone who had the Google Maps module enabled (but I missed you @kyle - sorry!):

I’m writing to let you know that Farmier will need to temporarily disable the Google Maps layers in your farmOS instance.

An issue was discovered which causes these layers to break the maps in the new version of farmOS (2.0.0-beta4). This was reported in the forum today:

The Google Maps layer module is an “unofficial” community add-on module, and so it is not officially supported by the farmOS project. It sounds like a fix will be relatively easy, but it will not be included until the next release of farmOS.

So rather than break your maps, I decided the best compromise is to disable those layers temporarily. :slight_smile:

I hope this doesn’t cause any major issues - but if it does please let me know. The ability to re-enable these layers will hopefully come with the next release.

In case you’re curious, the reason farmOS does not officially support Google Maps layers is because Google doesn’t allow their tiles to be used directly in open source mapping libraries like OpenLayers. Instead, their terms of service require that you use their JavaScript library. So some clever developers made a workaround that essentially renders OpenLayers on top of Google Maps, to achieve roughly the same effect. But it adds unnecessary complexity, which has a tendency to break. Please direct your complaints to Google for their restrictive terms! :slight_smile:

Sorry I missed you in that email @kyle. Hope it all makes sense.

I disabled the module in your instance so that your maps will start working again. Hopefully the bug will be resolved in the near future and I can allow that module to be enabled again.