Pasture Condition Scores (NRCS:pasture-condition-score:1.0)

The NRCS provides a Pasture Condition Score Sheet as a way of standardizing the observation of pasture condition:

I started a branch in the farmOS NRCS module that proposes a convention for it: farm_nrcs/ at 2.x-pcs · mstenta/farm_nrcs · GitHub

As well as a quick form: farm_nrcs/PCS.php at 2.x-pcs · mstenta/farm_nrcs · GitHub

I’m tracking the feature request here: Quick Form: Pasture Condition Score Sheet [#3336217] |

… would love to hear more general thoughts in this thread!

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Some questions:

  • How is this supposed to work with localization? I notice your quick form implementation wraps the indicator titles in $this->t(), but the convention specification doesn’t say anything about translated indicator quantity labels being permissible.
  • The specification seems light on whether all the indicators are required for every log. Obviously not populating any of them would impact the score right? Presumably, if not all indicators are required, then this creates an implicitly allowed extra value of zero - even though the spec says only 1 - 5 are allowed.
  • It is surprising to me that the “purpose” section of the convention specification describes how the overall score is calculated, but that formula is not repeated with a “MUST” in the actual “specification” section.
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Thanks for reviewing @Symbioquine! Great points/questions…

This is a really big question! Maybe it deserves a forum topic of its own in the Conventions category. I will start one and leave some ideas there…

Perhaps $this->t() should not be used for these labels in the quick form… at least until we decide how to handle localization more generally in conventions.

Good point. They should all be required. I will update the proposed spec to make this explicit.

Another good point! I will change the spec from:

The quantity “Value” (value) for the overall score MUST be a whole number between 1 and 50.


The quantity “Value” (value) for the overall score MUST be a whole number between 1 and 50, which equals the sum of the ten indicator values.


I pushed two commits to the 2.x-pcs branch:

Cross-posting this by @Symbioquine:


The quote above is a bit misleading, the current version does include the date field;

I think the main divergence of this implementation from the convention spec at the moment is that you can submit the form without providing all the values - which leaves them set to zero in the resulting log.

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