Person identification

Hello there,
I have a problem like this.
There are about 100 people working on the farm. In Farmos, I have described these 100 people under personalities.
But while entering a log record, I have a hard time choosing a person to be assigned to that task in the assigned to section. because there is no filter option.

1-If I give examples to people, can I give definitions such as pruner, pesticide, tractor driver…?
2-Can I filter according to these definitions? For example, when I choose a driver, relevant people come

Could it have occurred to me to create a tab called people under the assets and enter users there?


I agree it would be great to have a better widget for selecting users in the Log edit form! Perhaps similar to the popup widget we have for selecting assets, which includes filters.

I’ll open a feature request for considering this in farmOS 2.x…

If I give examples to people, can I give definitions such as pruner, pesticide, tractor driver…?

Perhaps you could consider adding additional “Roles” that you assign to your users. Roles are typically used to assign a set of permissions, but you could also just have a Role without any specific permissions that you just use for user categorization like you describe.

(Just note that if you add custom roles you are responsible for writing the migrations for those roles to farmOS 2.x. We only handle the default roles that farmOS core comes with in the 2.x migrations included with farmOS.)

then there is nothing that can do for now

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Correct. I opened a feature request to add this to farmOS 2.x core.

But if you are comfortable customizing your own 1.x instance, you could explore how we use the Entity Reference View Widget module currently (this module is replaced by the Entity Browser module in 2.x).

We use ERVW for the asset reference field widget in logs, which provides a popup that displays a View of assets with exposed filters for narrowing them down. The same approach could potentially be used for the Log’s “Assigned To” field.

If you want this feature in farmOS 1.x you are welcome to experiment yourself!

I created Entity Reference View Widget. When I select it, the names do not come as in the picture. Why is this caused?

I don’t know if this is the cause, but I ran into a similar issue a long time ago. This upstream issue in the Entity Reference View Widget module’s issue queue might be worth looking at, to see if you think it’s the same:

That should be fixed in farmOS, though. See:

Otherwise, I’d suggest comparing your View configuration with the farm_asset_entityreference_view included with farmOS (used for the Asset reference field widgets)