Setting up farmOS on windows docker app is not reacheable at https://localhost

Good day to everyone,

Please I am new to farmOS I followed the developer’s guide to set up docker and pull images I also set up nginx and SSL and when I run docker-compose up the project seems to run successfully however it is not reachable at http://localhost when I hit that I see the nginx home page saying that nginx is successfully installed. However, this is not reachable https://localhost.

here is my nginx config file

Please any help will be appreciated, thanks again

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Welcome to the forum @Mountaga! :slight_smile:

Hmm at quick glance your Nginx config looks OK. Can you post your docker-compose.yml file? And can you also copy and paste the Docker logs you see in your console when you run docker-compose up (without the -d flag, so the logs stay visible in the console).

Are you sure that you don’t have anything else already running on port 80/443? Maybe your containers are not actually starting, and you are seeing a page from a different Nginx server you are running? Do you use this machine for any other projects that use Nginx?

Are you saying BOTH http and https are inaccessible? Or is one of them working but not the other?

Hello @mstenta yes they were both inaccessible, however, I fixed my issue, after deleting all existing images and pulling them again everything works fine.

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.

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Glad to hear you figured it out! :+1:

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