VirtualBox Hosting farmOS

New to farmOS, but not website hosting.

My overall hosting setup:

ISP: Gigabit fiber internet connection, static IP
Host: Debian 10, no gui installed
Gigabit Network Card
500MB HD for OS
1TB SSD for VM images

VMs: Bridged network, assigned IP within my network
Dedicated Debian 9 VPN server for access from outside for me
Dedicated Debian 9 Apache2 reverse proxy, setup for each URL/IP combination…redirects to https
Each website I host has its own VM. Most are Debian 10. Starting to move to Debian 11. I host both Drupal and Wordpress sites as well as one which is only a file server.
Each website gets a letsencrypt SSL certificate.
cron jobs update letsencrypt on each VM and pushes the certs to the proxyvm for its https needs

farmOS VM:
Debian11, MySql 8, Apache2
Drupal is setup for multi-site, with each site as a subdirectory. This allows hosting other people who want to try out farmOS as well as a development instance etc.

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