Adding Animal Assets to Groups in ver 2.2.2

I’ve got FarmOS 2.2.2 running in a Docker container. I have installed the Group Asset module.

Under Animal Assets I have added entries for all of my cattle. Under Group assets I have created a group titled Registered Cattle. I now want to add select entries within my Animal Asset list to the Registered Cattle group. How do I do this?

If I go to a specific animal asset, in the top right corner I’m offered the following options:
Add Activity Log, Birth Log, Harvest Log, Input Log, Lab Test Log, Maintenance Log, Medical Log, Observation Log, Seeding Log.

Seeing as I have the Group asset module installed isn’t there supposed to be an Add to Group Log option? Or am I trying to do this in the wrong asset area?

FYI, I also have the Quick Group Form module installed

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Hi @armitagep, try this:

  1. Go to Records > Assets > Animal
  2. Select the Animal assets that you want to add to the Registered Cattle group by clicking the checkboxes next to their rows.
  3. At the bottom of the page, there is an “Action” dropdown. Select “Assign group membership” and click “Apply to selected items” - this will redirect you to the Group Membership quick form with those assets prepopulated.
  4. Specify “Registered Cattle” in the quick form’s “Groups” field.
  5. Fill in the date/notes if you want, and click “Submit”.

This will create a new Observation log that records the membership assignment.

Group membership is assigned via logs in the same way that location is assigned via logs. This allows you to look back at the history of a group’s members and how they’ve changed over time.

Hope that helps!