Adding more people to the community blog repository

I’d like to propose we start adding more people to the farmOS-community-blog repository with the Write role.

The community blog repository was intentionally created as a separate repository so that we could grant access to it to more people, separately from the repository itself. The thought being that we can get a bigger pool of community members involved in the process.

Currently, we have GitHub branch protection rules set up on the repo, so that a pull request must be opened for any changes to the main branch, and all PRs must be approved by at least 2 people.

I tried adding users today with the “Read” role, but discovered that wasn’t enough to officially approve PRs. They are able to add an approval, but it doesn’t count towards the minimum of 2.

These approvals only count when they are done by someone with write-access to the repo. Of all the roles that GitHub offers, three of them are capable of making these approvals:

  • Read - NO
  • Triage - NO
  • Write - YES
  • Maintain - YES
  • Admin - YES

Can we start granting “Write” role access to more users? Is there any risk to this? As long as we keep the branch protection rules in place, it should be OK, right?

I think it would be great if we could just grant “Write” role access to everyone who wants it. It might also serve to encourage and empower folks to participate more in the process. :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested in being a reviewer, raise your hand! :raised_hand:

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