Adopting a Code of Conduct

As the community grows, we need to have some official processes in place to deal with any conflicts that may arise. I’ve watched a lot of turmoil take place in other open source projects, and the lessons that have been learned. The farmOS community hasn’t had any issues thusfar, but I think it would be in all of our best interest to have a code of conduct in place ahead of time.

A lot of thought has gone into this already, in other communities, so we don’t need to start from scratch. Let’s look at some of the existing CoCs that are out there and see what would make sense for us.

Linux recently adopted the Contributor’s Covenant Code of Conduct:

The Drupal community has its own Drupal Code of Conduct:

And there are many others. Open to thoughts from other farmOS community members!


I am strongly in favor of the Contributor’s Covenant CoC. I think it’s important to have some specifics for what kinds of behavior won’t be tolerated, and to make clear that this community welcomes people of all backgrounds. That way it stands the best chance of actually being enforced.