Baseline info about conventions

Asked this on the JSON Schema forum, and got this answer from Ben Hutton in case anyone wants to learn more →

I gave a talk last year which covered four case studies:
You can find a series of six video based case studies:
You can find further written case studies on our blog: JSON Schema Blog index | JSON Schema Blog

You’re more than welcome to come join our slack server: Redirecting…

is it possible to present our project and get feedback

Sure! We don’t have any specific space for this. We have “office hours”, but it’s not well attended. IMHO, you’d be best off just sharing here or in the slack server.

is it possible to have a core person from your present to OpenTEAM?

I guess it could be possible, although it’s not something we have done previously. We may be less well funded and organized than you imagine. What would you want to be presented? What would you want to learn? =]


In that first link, if you go to 9’20’’ there’s a company that’s doing auto-generation of JSON Schema forms into JSON Schema. This is similar to what Nat has expressed he’d like to see for the question set library in SurveyStack.