Category Request

Could we possibly start a category specifically dedicated to workflows? One dedicated to how we solve common problems (and chart/document regular tasks) using FarmOS. This is to differentiate it from the discussions that center around the nuts and bolts of the platform and focus on how we get stuff done. I suspect we all come at similar problems in unque and novel ways and think it would be of immense help to the community to see how others have solved problems we all, in most likelihood, share.

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@debo Perhaps that would be useful! That was the original intention behind the “Using farmOS” category, but it does get used for a lot of little things too (I try to move things to “Hosting” or “Development” when they don’t fit).

If we do make another category, then we may need to rename “Using farmOS” because it feels like we may end introducing more ambiguity.

Personally, I’m inclined to say we should just do a better job of keeping “Using farmOS” focused on “Using farmOS”… and make sure other topics go to the other categories.

Another idea: we recently added “tags”, including “feature request” and “support request”. Maybe a “workflow” tag would be a good option to add?

What do others think?

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i like the tag idea. avoids category proliferation.
How do I…? :thinking:

And i have a heap of questions raring to go



“Using farmOS” begs for it :slight_smile: kinda fits everything…
Maybe it’s easier to put topics in the right category when using tags

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I added a new “workflow” tag. :+1:

Also went and added it to a few old posts to get things started. If anyone else wants to go farther back and categorize more please feel free!

Pretty nice to be able filter like this! Topics tagged workflow

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