General setup - using logs, groups and tags templates

I have been using farmOS for more than a year now.
At the beginning and even now I keep thinking of ways to best tag, log, group, mark my entries to filter them later on. I think there is a lot of options so finding a smart way early in the setup/ usage process will keep users from missing entries (after applying filters) or the need for tagging old entries to fit a new system.

I know almost every farm is different but it might be useful to offer a decision matrix template for different kind of farms?
Do you think that could be useful and if so what would be the best way to get the community to create such a document?

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I think this is a great idea!

I have started some initial work on a “farmOS Setup Wizard” which is displayed when you first start, with steps for setting up your farm. That could be a great place to put some of these options. I would love some help thinking through what those options should include.

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What would you suggest how we share the details (open google doc or something?).
Maybe it would make sense to involve at least one farmer from each type of production

  • grain farm (I could add some information from experience)
  • vegetable farm
  • fruit production/ orchard (that’s what we do)
  • dairy farm
  • pig farm/ livestock production
  • mixed farm
  • organic farm/ conventional farm --> should this be an option during setup?
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