Dangerous Site Notification - Chrome

I just ran into a new issue. When I try to open ID 900, I get a Chrome Dangerous Site warning. This has not happened before. Do I need to delete the Activity Log and reenter? Did somebody actually hack into my database instance ??

This is only happening on one log ID (as far as I know).

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That’s weird - I’m not sure what would cause that (especially on a single Log). Maybe that log has file attachments that Chrome misinterprets as suspicious?

I see that “recently found phishing” is underlined in that message - is it a link? Does it provide any more detail?

I also found this, which suggests that Google made some recent changes to the way this works in Chrome:

I also just discovered this tool: Google Transparency Report

@graffte Can you plug the URL into there and see if it gives any more information?

This form allows you to report when a URL is erroneously flagged: Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

But I would want to understand exactly why Chrome is reporting it as “dangerous” first - let us know if you find any more clues @graffte!

I clicked the underlined “recently found phishing” link and got this. Appears the safe browsing filter was triggered, but whatever subsequent check is done came up clean.

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Even though I went through the process to tell them I believe the site is safe, the warning is still coming up.

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I filled out this form for incorrect phishing. No change. Still get warning

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I cloned the ID 900 log entry. It is now ID 920 with exact same content. Now it is fine. No problems opening ID 920. No warnings. :thinking:

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Bizarre. Have you tried clearing your browser cache @graffte? Based on that article it sounds like some of Chrome’s “decisions” about which sites are “dangerous” gets stored locally. I’m not sure if a browser cache clear resets them or not. But that might explain why it isn’t showing as problematic anywhere else.

Another thing worth testing would be opening log 900 in Chrome on a different computer, if you have access to one. If it works on a different one, that would prove that it’s localized to your device.

All very interesting… thanks for reporting this. Still very curious what caused it to be flagged in the first place. :thinking:

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I have not tried clearing the browser cache. I did open the ID 900 log from a different PC within a new Chrome install. I just purchased the second PC laptop this weekend and did a fresh install of Windows 10 and Chrome. So everything new. It opens fine without warmings on the new PC install. I’ll trying clearing the browser in the first PC and see if this clears the warning message. Seems like something was triggered in the original PC’s Chrome install.