Access Denied when trying to visit page

Have been using FarmOS for about six weeks. Seeing an issue on a laptop where when I try and visit my page it doesn’t show me anything, just blank and has the header. The title of the window says, “access denied”.

I cleared my Chrome cache and cleared my cookies, hoping it would help, but nothing. My phone works fine when I scan a QR code and have it take me to that asset within the system, so It appears it’s just my laptop. It does the same thing in Chome, Firefox and “edge”.

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Hi @nastea - welcome to the farmOS forum!

Try adding /user to the end of your farmOS’s domain name. If you see a login form on that page, then it means that you just need to log in. If you see an access denied or other error on that page, then it may mean you are already logged in and there is some other issue.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!

That worked, now I know I got logged out and just need to visit /user. Thanks for the great product and support!

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