Issue looging onto farmOS Field Kit (

Hi all
(Not sure if I should post this here, on GitHub or elswhere, apologies in advance).

I have an issue logging into the, with an error message displayed (Unable to reach the server. Please check that you have the correct URL and that your device has a network connection. Status: Network Error)

This may come from the fact that I started a 1st account using FarmOS 1.0, testing it out and familiarizing myself with it when FarmOS 2.0 was actually released. So rather than waiting for migration I created a new account on FarmOS v2 and started importing our farm’s data in there, using the SAME EMAIL address than for v1… (not very smart I guess…).
Both are hosted on Farmier.

If I try to connect with my “v1 farm” it works, but not with my “v2 farm” (NB: I did enable the “farmOS Field Kit” module).
Any idea what I should do to make it work?? Thanks!!


Hi @brunocacao - no worries - good question… only works with farmOS v1.

Field Kit support for farmOS v2 is currently in development, but is not ready for use yet. Stay tuned for updates on that!


OK thanks, tried to look at other posts to see if that was the case but didn’t thought it was the case, thanks for clarifying!
Based on what the demo already is, it’s going to be great for sure. Looking forward to it!