Migrating from farmos.app to v1.farmos.app

Hello everyone!

Quick announcement. You may see a notice in Field Kit this coming Monday, May 10, when we push out an update. It should read something like this:

Field Kit 2.0 is coming! To continue using this version, however, we ask that you please migrate to v1.farmos.app so we can begin preparing this site for the big launch. More details can be found on the forum.

So here are said details…

While we’ve never really concluded our beta phase, and so technically don’t have a real version 1.0 to speak of, we decided with the upcoming release of farmOS 2.0 we should shoot towards full compatibility with 2.0 as the launch target for our first stable, general release.

With that taken into consideration, we’d like to reserve the domain farmos.app for that eventual release. We also need to allow for the fact that migration from farmOS 1.x to 2.x will not happen overnight, and for perhaps a much as a year or more, we will want to accommodate two separate user bases running farmOS 1.x and 2.x. Accordingly, we’ll need two concurrently available versions of Field Kit. Finally, to make this transition as smooth as possible, and to avoid Field Kit duplicating the migration logic that’s already in place on the server, . Think of this as basically uninstalling farmos.app, and reinstalling v1.farmos.app (more details below on how to do so).

So to summarize, here’s what you can expect going forward, here’s what you can expect, in summary:

  • farmos.app: We will sunset this domain at a date TBD this summer. We will continue posting a warning on that domain, and may at some point disable the ability to create or modify logs and only allow users to sync to their server, to avoid any chance of lost data. We will need to take the site down for a period of time (a week or more) prior to relaunching Field Kit 2.0 on this domain when the time comes.
  • v1.farmos.app: This will remain stable and supported for the foreseeable future. We will not be developing new features on this domain, but will provide bug-fixes and other updates so that users can continue using it for as long as they need.

Instructions follow below. Feel free to comment on this topic if you have questions or experience any difficulty.

Quick Guide to Migration

Enabling v1.farmos.app from your server

If your farmOS instance is hosted on Farmier, no need to do anything here! The v1.farmos.app domain has already been added to your server’s default list of trusted apps as of May 3. Proceed to “Migrating on your phone or mobile device” below.

If you are self-hosting, you will likely have v1.farmos.app in your list of defaults so long as you have the latest release of farmOS that includes this commit:

Go to [your-farmOS-hostname]/admin/config/farm/access and confirm that https://v1.farmos.app is in the list. If it isn’t add it to the bottom and click “Save configuration”.

Migrating on your phone or mobile device

  1. Make sure you’ve enabled v1.farmos.app on your server, as described above.
  2. Sync all logs from https://farmos.app on your device.
  3. Login to your farmOS server directly (eg, https://test.farmos.net/farm/logs/all) to check that all logs and their data have been synced.
  4. Go to https://v1.farmos.app, login to your server and sync. You can also re-add the app to your homescreen, which is recommended but optional.
  5. Logout of https://farmos.app on your device and uninstall the app from your homescreen if you’d done so previously . THIS STEP CANNOT BE UNDONE, SO MAKE SURE YOU’VE COMPLETED STEPS 2 AND 3 BEFOREHAND.

Note: You should be able to distinguish the home screen icon for farmos.app from v1.farmos.app because v1.farmos.app should have the title “farmOS v1”, as opposed to farmos.app which is simply “farmOS”, as seen below.


Sorry, just thick headed I guess. I don’t understand how to execute the instructions for the v1.farmos.app upgrade. It talks about “your server”. I don’t have my own server. I’m running through Farmier. I get my phone apps through the Google Play Store. Really lost as to what I’m supposed to do.

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Hi @graffte, if you have a Farmier account, you don’t need to worry about any of the server configuration; that’s been taken care for you.

To install the app on your phone, just open this link: v1.farmos.app

It’s a web app, so you can always just open that link to use it if you like. To make it more convenient, you can “install” it when prompted, which just adds a shortcut icon to your phone’s homescreen, so you can open it just like you would an app from Play Store. Whether you add it to your homescreen or not, it will continue to work offline and save your data in between uses until you log out.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @graffte ! Just to add to what @jgaehring said…

**EDIT from @jgaehring**: There is currently only ONE supported and recommended version of Field Kit, which is the “Progressive Web App” that you can find at v1.farmos.app. Previously, Field Kit was available as an app on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store, but those versions have not received updates and will be taken down soon, if not already.

The reasoning for this is outlined here: Field Kit: a platform dilemma

Web apps can be “installed” so that they appear on your desktop just like a native app from the store does. So it shouldn’t “feel” any different than what you’re used to once you get it installed.

If you load https://v1.farmos.app in your phone’s browser, you will either be prompted to “Install to home screen” automatically - or you can click the site’s menu button (where you might go to bookmark it), and find an option in there to install it. Happy to help if you have any trouble!

@jgaehring I do think it would be worth putting a message up on the Android app’s store page to this effect, especially now that v1.0.1 is released. I think there is too much risk for new users to download it and face these same bugs, since it is not being actively updated as much. Either that or roll out the v1.0.1 update to the app store…

In light of the bug mentioned in Farm_input_file_nnnnnnnn.dat, I am going to take down the Play Store APK and amend the listing to point folks to the PWA.


Okay. Now I get it. Didn’t know what a PWA was. Yes, very easy.


So, in anticipation of this upcoming release, i’m back to using this PWA on mobile (iPhone), which seems to be working fine -except for for that “Images disabled” thing, which is a bit of a buzz kill (image delivery to workers in the field can be a helpful visual aid for us). Still: do i understand correctly that the way it stands, we can upload images to the server (i’m on Farmier hosting) and trust that they will persist, even though migration to 2.0?

One other Q i have about the way this works: Should all not-done activities that i have created via Crop Planning module show up as Tasks in the PWA? I ask because, of the several activities i have associated with a Crop Plan via that module, it is only the single “late” activity (i.e. date < today, status not-done) that shows up as a Task in PWA. Does that make sense?

do i understand correctly that the way it stands, we can upload images to the server (i’m on Farmier hosting) and trust that they will persist, even though migration to 2.0?

Yes absolutely! All data will be migrated from 1.x to 2.x, including uploaded files.

Should all not-done activities that i have created via Crop Planning module show up as Tasks in the PWA?

Field Kit will pull in any logs that are “not done” that are assigned to you. Maybe check to be sure that your username is listed in the “Assigned to” field of the logs?

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