Does FarmOS support multi-tenancy

I’m very new to FarmOS and still exploring its capabilities.

Is it possible for one self-hosted instance to serve two or more farms, such that users from one farm don’t see anything about the other farms?
If not, is that a Drupal limitation or a FarmOS limitation?

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Hi @gmagnusson welcome to the forum!

Drupal has a concept of “multisite” installations, where a single codebase can serve multiple websites/domains, each with their own database. More info here: Multisite Drupal | Drupal | Drupal Wiki guide on

There has also been some discussion around a “multi-farm” farmOS instance, where multiple farms can have records in a single instance (under a single domain and database). But no development there yet. Here is the feature request: Multiple farms in one farmOS [#2940211] |

Hope that answers your question!

Thank you. Thats the conclusions I was slowly arriving at.

It looks like I can’t do what I was originally going for, but I think putting each farm on a separate sub-domain and with a separate database will work. I can work with that.

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If you need help with hosting, feel free to DM me @gmagnusson. is set up to provide “group hosting” options as well. Shameless plug :wink: