Is it allowable to host FarmOS commercially?

I’m in a fortunate position to have a decades long career in infosec, development and all on bsd and l00nix. After farming, I tend to some servers and sites to keep the nights busy. I realised many friends and neighbours could benefit from FarmOS and I am kind of, a fan and advocate of it :relieved:
Am I allowed to host and support these friends, neighbours and community members commercially? I say commercially tongue in cheek, because I’d probably just charge them to cover costs and an hour of my time a month, but am capable of providing something solid (resilient and backed up, with some help included) to them.
Would like to know if this is fine and how the devs and creators here feel before I do that.

Thank you


@marlonv Of course! Anything that helps people run and use farmOS is a good thing.

And because farmOS is GPL, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you! :slight_smile:

I made Farmier hosting to help bootstrap the project, by providing cheap and easy hosting for folks who aren’t interested in or able to do it themselves, as well as a means to support my time on the project generally, but I also hope that over time more and more farmers will start to host it themselves, or work together to host it for each other like you describe! The ability to create a distributed self-hosted network of farmOS instances is one of the powerful features of the open source approach, and will help to make the project and community as a whole more resilient over time. :+1: