Can we host the FarmOS on our own server?

Hi this is me Sanjay from Nepal. Can we host FarmOS in our own server ? Our site is remote and availability of the internet is not possible.


Hi @psunjay - welcome to the farmOS community! :slight_smile:

Yes - farmOS is open source and can be hosted on your own server. For more information, see Getting started - (for farmOS 1.x, for farmOS 2.x see Introduction - farmOS 2.x Docs).

farmOS 2.x will work better without an internet connection than farmOS 1.x. However, without internet connection, the maps will not work in either, because the map tiles come from Google/MapBox/OpenStreetMap servers. That said, a lot can be done in farmOS even without maps.

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Sorry to be pedantic; the map should “work” with local data, but won’t be able to load basemap (background) tile images.

You could work around that in a few ways;

  • By mapping sufficient geometry - like your field/property boundaries - with an internet connection, then mapping everything else relative to that.
  • By implementing a module like farm_nrcs but which bundles its own XYZ tiles for your area.
  • By self-hosting part of a standard tile-set like Open Street Map and implementing a module like farm_nrcs which points to those tiles.
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