farmOS mapknitter integration

We activated the mapknitter module in farmOS, created the map, placed the slug in the farmOS configuration and when you open the map on the dashboard it has the mapkitter map is checked but we can see it.
Is there a configuration we have to change to be able to see it?
Thanks in advanced

Hi @deadcalf - Check your browser’s “Network” tab in dev tools when you turn the layer off/on. You should see requests made to the MapQuest server to load the tiles. There may be clues in those requests, if they are failing perhaps.

Hmm - actually I’m seeing 404s on a layer I have set up. I wonder if MapKnitter has changed the way they serve TMS layers…

I am getting 404 errors on the tile images from mapkitter, i created the map but the post is still in revission could that be the reason?
Is there a little guide to include layers on the map?
We are testing the posibility of using FarmOS for solar farmadministration and want to include drone imaginery to view faulty panels. What do you think would be the best way to integrate them?

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Cool! If you can host the tile layers yourself (on something like GeoServer or MapServer) then you can easily create a custom module that adds them to the farmOS map. The MapKnitter module that’s included with farmOS just gives an easy way to use the existing MapKnitter hosting, but the same thing can be achieved with your own tile hosting.

Here is a pretty simple example:

I opened a bug report in the MapKnitter issue queue:

We load the example as a module or where?
Thanks for your help

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The repository is a farmOS module that adds Norwegian Map layers to farmOS. It could be used as an example to build your own custom module for your hosted layers. You would just need to copy that code, replace all occurrences of farm_map_no with your module’s name (eg: farm_mymodule) and update the code in each file for your purposes (eg: changing the module name, the URL to the layer(s), etc). Then you put that new module directory into sites/all/modules in your farmOS installation, and you can install it at /admin/modules. Hope that helps!

Thanks michael, it was so easy.
What kind of map can be added with this system?
Mapknitter banned my test account, i gues for to many 404 errors
Thanks again

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I got in touch with Liz Barry and told me she passed the issue to their sysadmin Sebastian.
They should be on the issue very soon.

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@deadcalf Great!

What kind of map can be added with this system?

See the farmOS-map.js readme file for more info here: