Map projection quality

Hi there folks!

I am new to FarmOS, what a treat this software is. I am very eggar to get started mapping my 5 acre farm but I’m very discouraged by the image quality provided by MapBox, OpenStreetMap. Recently a friend of the farm was able to get aerial drone imagery uploaded to a public domain

I assume that many farms have continually changing landscapes and infrastructure updates.
I would be so grateful if anyone in this community was able to help me update the map of my farm so that I can more accurately start mapping!

Thank you and take care,
ALM Organic Farms


Hi, Emma, and welcome to the community!

I know others have discussed the possibility of getting custom imagery imported into farmOS as map tiles, but usually the challenge is in hosting that imagery. Sounds like you have a solution for that though.

I’m not familiar with that service’s API, but the next step, I presume, would be to write some sort of integration with farmOS to add those map tiles via farmOS-map.


Hi @almorganic_emma!

Yea, the quality of satellite imagery available via Google and MapBox varies widely from place to place - so this is a common challenge. As @jgaehring said, the main hurdle is hosting the tiles in a way that farmOS-map can load them into the map.

It sounds like Maps Made Easy would be a great service to integrate with!

We actually had a very similar integration module in farmOS 1.x that allowed you to pull in a layer that was hosting in MapKnitter (a very similar service). I would love to see a Maps Made Easy farmOS integration module! It might not be too hard to build.

Maybe someone in the community can get that ball rolling in an add-on module for farmOS 2.x! I’d be happy to share examples and provide guidance.