User access rights under Docker

I’m interested in installing farmOS under Docker, but I am curious as to which one controls the users’ access rights. On Docker’s web page, under the free plan it says you do not have “User management with role-based access controls” and “parallel builds”. I don’t know anything about Docker and Drupal, so are they controlling the access rights to farmOS, is the underlying Linux software controlling the access rights to farmOS or is that all handled internally to farmOS? I would like to create custom roles inside farmOS so family/friends/customers can view a blog or wiki or some-such for information on my farm without giving them access to view everything I’m recording. Just thought I’d check before planning on using Docker to set things up. Thanks.

There are lots of ways farmOS/Drupal could be configured to integrate other systems for its user management, but out of the box farmOS does not integrate with other systems. Users (for your friends/family/customers must be configured directly in farmOS itself and won’t affect other systems.

I’m not sure what kind of “plans” you’re seeing on the Docker website, but you shouldn’t need to have an account with Docker or pay them anything. However, you will need to run a server (computer) to host farmOS on - or pay someone like Farmier to host it for you.

Hi @Domhnall - the things you are seeing on Docker’s website are not related to farmOS. farmOS provides its own access control system, which you can use to accomplish what you described. We just use Docker to package all of farmOS’s dependencies into a Docker image to make deployment easier, but it does not require a Docker account to use that. Hope that helps!

Awesome, that’s what I needed to know. Yes, the plans I was referring to was their “free”, “pro”, and “team” pricing plans and I was just verifying that I didn’t need one of the paid plans to pass some kind of access control through to farmOS because I’ve never seen Docker. My plan is to host if myself, but if I can’t figure it out or if it gets hacked to pieces by bots, maybe I’ll have enough data left to move it to Farmier. :slight_smile: Thank y’all for the replies!

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