farmOS 2.0.0-beta1 has been released! Happy New Year! 🎉

Happy New Year farmOS community!

I am thrilled to announce the long awaited release of the next major version of farmOS: v2.0.0-beta1!

This means that farmOS v2 is officially ready to use! :rocket:

This release is just the first step, but it’s hard to overstate how big of a step it is. We’ve been working hard for over a year, with the help of many contributors, to make farmOS more robust, more flexible, and easier to use than ever. These upgrades will set us up as a community for years to come. I’m so excited to see what we will build together on top of this solid platform!

Alongside this release, we have also launched a new with an updated v2 user guide, as well as documentation for hosting, development, module building, and v2 API changes.

In the next few weeks/months, Farmier will begin offering farmOS v2 hosting, and existing farmOS v1 instances will have the option to upgrade to v2. Stay tuned for future announcements. :smile:



PS: If you have been running an alpha release of farmOS v2, please see this comment for a manual step that is required when you update to beta: farmOS 2.x Releases (and What to Expect) - #10 by mstenta

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Happy new year!!
Thank you

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Thanks for all you have all done and are doing and yes, a belated Happy New Year of course. This is great timing, as 2022 will be an expansion year for our Incredible Edible and Permaledger projects in the USA.

I assume we will download from here farmOS | also, are there any specific update instructions for this, or is it a complete re-install?


Happy New Year @mikebrunt! Thanks! Glad to hear your projects are moving along too!

I assume we will download from here farmOS |

So actually, for farmOS v2, if you are downloading a tarball release, you should download from the GitHub releases: Releases · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub

This is because does not currently support building distributions that use Composer. We have a warning on to that effect:

The 2.x packaged releases below do not install because does not package farmOS’s Composer dependencies (See this issue and this issue). Docker is the recommended method for running farmOS. We also package tarballs in our GitHub repository’s releases. Refer to the 2.x installation instructions for more details.

We currently have two recommended ways to host farmOS 2.x: Docker and packaged tarballs. Installation instructions for both are available here: Installing farmOS | farmOS

are there any specific update instructions for this, or is it a complete re-install?

It is a complete reinstall. farmOS v2 was rebuilt from the ground up.

The process of moving from v1 to v2 is actually a “migration” - not an upgrade. Think of it as two separate pieces of software. You will essentially need to set up a v2 instance, configure it so that it can read from the v1 database, and then run the migration to pull data into v2. All the instructions for this are here: Migrating from farmOS 1.x to 2.x | farmOS

If you have done any customization in the v1 instance it will need to be rebuilt for v2. This was unavoidable due to the major changes between Drupal 7 (farmOS v1) and Drupal 8+ (farmOS v2 is built on Drupal 9). We had to rebuild everything too. But moving forward, Drupal major releases will not be rebuilds like this. It was a big step forward for Drupal, and therefore also for farmOS, but it required a fair bit of work to make it happen. Throughout the whole farmOS v1 lifecycle I intentionally tried to keep things simple because we knew this was coming. Now that we’re on a stable platform we can really stretch our wings and build things that we’ve been dreaming about. :smiley: