FarmOS for Country of Georgia

We really liked your FarmOS software for medium and small farms in the Country of Georgia for implementation at the national level - we are planning to add certain functions and some changes in accordance with the needs of Georgia. I would like to know if you are interested in cooperation on this? I represent the NAITS project operating under the EU FAO in Georgia


Hi @qriss - glad to hear farmOS might be useful to you!

If you have questions please feel free to ask them here in the forum or in the chat room:

I would recommend starting a custom module for all of the changes/additions you plan to make. It is best practice never to alter the core farmOS code itself (so that you can easily upgrade without conflicts), and instead to use a custom module to add/alter things. This allows for a lot of freedom to develop and experiment, while keeping upgrades and maintenance manageable.

Also, we are very close to the first beta release of farmOS 2.0, which brings many improvements and changes. If you plan to customize farmOS I would highly recommend that you start with the 2.x branch and not the 1.x branch - otherwise you will need to rebuild your customizations again for 2.x.

Here are some useful documentation links for farmOS 2.x development:

Hope that helps! Welcome to the farmOS community! :slight_smile:

We need to find developers team for applying changes after we will clarify requirements according to country needs, and FarmOS v2 will be available. My question is - are you interested in this project in the future, or may you provide recommendations about developers?

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@qriss I’ll share this link in a few places to see if anyone might be able to help! If I wasn’t so busy myself I would. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in my PM to you: farmOS is built on Drupal (1.x is Drupal 7, 2.x is Drupal 9) - so if you can’t find anyone in the farmOS community specifically, you can look for help from the wider Drupal/PHP developer community.

Thank you

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