FarmOs on Raspberrypi OS lite 32 bit

Hi everyone,
thank you for reading my message.
I need help installing farmOS on Raspberrypi 32 bit.

I succesfully installed docker and docker-compose after many fails.I was having problems with docker-cli and another library. I made it by not running sudo get-apt update and ugrade.

Then, trying to install farmos. I changed setting of the database (docker-compose.yml) from mariadb to postgres because mariadb provide a solutiononly for 64 bit which i installed and it was really slow.
I manage to connect to my local ip address and start the installation process, at the end of the phase "Install profil"I got an error: SQLSTATE[42P07]: Duplicate table: 7 ERROR: relation “field_revision_field_farm_date_range_field_farm_date_range_valu” already exists
however, it managed to go further in the process and I’m installing the modules now.

I wrote on FarmOS chat and I found out that PostgreSQL is not supported in this version.

Is there anyone that have a link to something experimental I can try to install on 32bit with postgreSQL?

I will try to install again the 64 bit version with the instructions posted here: The first time I managed to follow the process, farmOS was really slow.

Thank you very much for any comment.


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Welcome to the forum @maroci!

We actually have an issue open for this error you described specifically:

Unfortunately, there are not plans to pursue fixing the last little PostgreSQL issues in farmOS 1.x, but we are making PostgreSQL the default recommended/supported database in farmOS 2.x (which is active development, but not ready for use yet).

If anyone wants to try to tackle the existing issues in 1.x, they are welcome to!