Feb 24-26 Hackathon: Hack@Organic

The Organic Center is hosting a virtual hackathon Feb 24-26! Everyone is welcome to join!

It will take place in WorkAdventure

More info: GOAT:Hack @ Organic 2022 – GOAT

Register here: Hack@Organic | The Organic Center


If anyone is interested in being a “tech mentor” for this, send me a message!

Nice -but what about those of us in need of a “tech mentor” ?

Seriously @mstenta : would love to join this hackathon -if for no other reason than to work through these little bumps on the road to JupyterLite as farmOS API interface, and then document lessons learned along the way to make it easier for those that will follow- but as it happens i shall be offline for most of the next two weeks, including the appointed days, durnit. :frowning:


Oh well - you will be missed @walt! Regarding those bumps on the road, @Symbioquine’s comment might help: Share your JupyterLite Examples - #11 by Symbioquine