farmOS Monthly Call, 8 June 2022

farmOS Monthly Call, 8 June 2022

Ongoing notes may be kept in the comments. For general information about these monthly calls see - Call Link


  1. Community Q&A, Show & Tell, etc [5-10min]
  2. Jobs board category: Jobs Board - farmOS
  3. Sponsor blog on
  4. Convention documentation
  5. Create new wiki topic for next month from template.


  • Mike Stenta
  • Fosten
  • Eddie (Farmer-Ed)
  • Symbioquine (Morgan)
  • walt
  • Paul Weidner
  • Jamie Gaehring
  • Greg Austic

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I’m trying to recall now…

I think we said we had some things to discuss about the blog for tmw’s dev call, correct? I would evaluate the remaining technical requirements while @Symbioquine and others would discuss what kinds of content we want to sponsor (eg, “Beginners guide to farmOS”).

And @mstenta, I think you flagged an issue(s) I should open in the convention repo, something to do with those two sentences about multiple GPS points representing a mixed soil sample? Maybe my comment about representing that as some kind of meta field?


Yes! I think that’s what we’ll focus on tomorrow’s dev call (Jitsi Meet at 12 noon eastern for anyone interested).

Oh and regarding the conventions stuff, I think it was just regarding adding an issue for RDF specifically, so we could discuss whether or not that should be a requirement for all conventions upfront.