FieldKit testing

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I follow the v2 FieldKit progress on github. Seems like it’s almost alpha ready. :+1:

At what stage will it be testable for hosting at Farmier?
Is translating of FieldKit possible in a same matter as FarmOS?


Hi @pat, sorry I missed this earlier.

This morning I released Field Kit version 2.0.0-alpha.7. I’ve been calling it various things over on GitHub, but I think it might be best to consider this a “developer’s alpha”, that is, the underlying API’s are stable enough for other developers to start trying it out, but it’s not quite ready for user-land, imo. I also quietly deployed it to, and it should work well enough to connect to a v2 farmOS server, but you won’t see much beyond that point.

The reason for that, and also why I refer to this as a “developer’s alpha”, is because Field Kit v2 will be much more of an app platform, rather than just a single app. It will be configurable from your farmOS server, where you can pick and choose which Field Modules to make available in Field Kit for everyone on your farm. This will give farmers more opportunities to customize their experience, and also open it up to other developers to build new solutions independently. There is an accompanying field-module-tasks release I also uploaded yesterday, which is basically a pared down version of the v1 “Tasks” app, but it will need to be tested out server-side before installing on Farmier. @mstenta might have more details on that.

I hope to write up a little more on all this in the near future, but I’m kinda pooped from this last sprint and will be taking next week off to recuperate a bit. So stay tuned!

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Ok. Maybe usable at beta level then.
I’m exited to try. I came in late, so have not used fieldkit for real before.

Great work!!


Any updates on the FieldKit? I’m hoping this will be a game changer for our farm management. It looks like the 2.0 version was scheduled for May. So thankful for the work that y’all are doing on this stuff.

Hey, sorry Kyle, life kinda intervened and bumped stuff back a few weeks, but still hoping by the end of this month!


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Sounds good!

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Have not really kept track of the field kit for version 2 - is there one still being worked on ? Thanks

Oy, sorry, more log-jams on my end, so not much recent progress I’m sorry to say, but it will happen, pinky-swear!