Growing GACP Certified product

Good Agricultural Cultivation Practices

We are trying to find ways to use FarmOS as a data management tool that will satisfy any audits for GACP, GMP on the farm. Full traceability from seed to dispatch with sufficient supplemental data being captured along the way. If there are any users in this group that have experience doing this it would be really great to share ideas to optimize the process and ensure data is not “lost” in the noise.


Control forms

I am creating a series of control forms for any point where we require control and quantities. These forms will be used by the staff to record inputs.


I have various checklists that I have set up for receiving compliance data that I want to convert the resolution of the data to a single “observation” log in farmOS.

We are in active development of the idea and would be happy to share ideas and concepts to ensure compliance is met.


Hi, I´m looking for same.
Trying to make a strong traceability chain from seed to final product for auditors.
Were you able to make it?


here we have the same doubt

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@MorgsBrew I’d love to hear if you made progress towards these goals, and what you’ve learned along the way, especially as it relates to where farmOS does and doesn’t meet the requirements.

Traceability has always been on my mind in the development of the farmOS data model, and I think we are headed in the right direction. farmOS 1.x has the concept of “Planting” assets, as well as “Seeding”, “Harvest”, and “Sale” Logs, which each have a “Lot number” field on them. In theory this should allow for a product to be traced back to its source.

In farmOS 2.x I think we will be able to take this even further. The inventory management logic is more robust, and it will be easier to add additional asset types. For example, a “Seed” asset for tracking the seed before it becomes a “Plant” would be useful. As well as a “Material” asset for tracking inventory of inputs. And finally, we’ve been discussing the idea of a “Product” asset type itself, for specifically tracking packed products after harvest (see eCommerce integration - #7 by mstenta).

I think these things will greatly enhance the granularity of traceability data that is possible to record and track in farmOS. I’m very curious to hear how folks are accomplishing it with farmOS 1.x already - that would help to understand what can be improved moving forward.

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