How to change front login page with otp?

How to change front login page with otp ???

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Can you describe what you’re envisioning in more detail?

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I want user access with enter mobile no and get Otp to login in farmos…which type tpl file we create ???

Are you asking about using one-time passwords sent via SMS/text messages for user logins?

farmOS does not support this out-of-the box, but you may be able to experiment with Drupal modules that provide these features. I found these with a quick web search:

I have never set up OTP text messages on a Drupal site before, so you are going to have to experiment yourself with it. If you get something working please report back and share your experience with the rest of the farmOS community! There may be others who want this too.


no i asking what is the tpl file name of front user login page ??..and if possible send source code for that page ??

farmOS uses Drupal core’s default user login form. The only extra thing farmOS does is display the Drupal login form on 403 access denied pages as a convenience (via this code: farmOS/ErrorPageController.php at 2.x · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub). But all of the code for the form and the template are in the upstream Drupal code, not in farmOS itself.

Are you familiar with Drupal internals? If you want to make changes to the farmOS login form in your instance you can most likely achieve what you want with hook_form_alter() in a custom module (depending on what you want).!lib!Drupal!Core!Form!form.api.php/function/hook_form_alter/9.3.x

If you are not familiar with Drupal module development, I would recommend learning some of the basics first. There are some great tutorials on Drupal Module Development | Drupalize.Me

Hope that helps! Good luck! And please report back if you build anything that might be generally useful to others. :slight_smile:

i want drupal php learning link