Ui Changes my farmos

I would like to change My farmos site UI like gin theme …if any possibilities for drupal 7 or please suggested to me any best Ui for drupal 7 like gin theme

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Hi @polaiah102 - changing the Drupal theme that farmOS uses is not something we as the maintainers support, but you are of course welcome to experiment with it yourself. You mentioned Drupal 7 - does that mean you are still on farmOS v1? farmOS v2 is Drupal 9 + the Gin theme. farmOS v1 used the Bootstrap theme.

For what it’s worth, we have made every effort to centralize all the Gin-specific code into the farm_ui_theme module in farmOS v2. Everything else should be theme-agnostic (although this hasn’t been tested). That is just to say: if you want to use a different theme, some of the farmOS UI may not work the same, because it is being augmented for Gin specifically in the farm_ui_theme module, and you would need to replicate that yourself in your own module potentially.

May I ask what your reasoning is for changing the Drupal theme in your farmOS instance? Is there a particular problem you are trying to solve?

How to update farmos v1 to farmos v2 with existing database?

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Here is the official guide: Migrating from farmOS 1.x to 2.x | farmOS

The process of “migrating” is actually a process of creating a NEW v2 instance of farmOS and setting it up to pull data in (aka “migrate” it) from your v1 database. So your v1 database will not be touched during the process.

Also, I mispoke earlier… farmOS v1 does not use Gin. It uses the Bootstrap theme. I’ve updated my comment above to fix that.