Odd behavior when running update.php

I just switched to 2.0beta4 from beta3. Following the update procedure I changed by version in the docker-compose.yml file, restarted the container, then navigated to /update.php. This page has always been formated oddly for me with overlapping text sometime, but it has always been usable and have not given it much thought. With this change the Continue button was completely hidden. See screen grab.

After a few attempts at reverting then upgrading I realised the button is there just not visible. I can click on the blank spot where the button should be and I get brought to the next page and can finish the update.

The update appeared to work fine, this page just does not display correctly for me. This is the same across a few different installations of farmOS and using both Chrome and Edge browsers. I don’t see any errors in console. Any thoughts?

That is frustrating! I have seen that update.php theming issue as well - but never bothered to look into it. I’m not sure what the cause is - and if it’s a farmOS issue or a more general Drupal one (or perhaps more likely a conflict with one of our modules or perhaps the Gin theme).

I generally run updates via Drush myself (drush updb), so I haven’t actually noticed it in a while…

Good to know. I will just update this way for now on. Thanks!

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I ran into this again today while testing some updates locally.

It seems that there are two issues, one caused by the Claro theme, and one caused by the Gin theme (which extends Claro).

  1. Claro causes the alignment to break, so the content flows around the sidebar in a weird way.
  2. Gin causes the form submit button to be hidden behind the content.