Integration with ALA BioCollect

A potential farmOS integration with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) BioCollect tool came up in discussion with Regen Digital. I thought I would make this forum post to plant the seed and see if others have any interest or experience using this tool. There is still much to be investigated, but BioCollect does have an API and seems to encourage development on top of their platform.

I created an issue here to summarize: Integration with ALA BioCollect · Issue #24 · Regen-Digital/farm_regen_digital · GitHub

BioCollect is an advanced, but simple-to-use data collection tool for biodiversity science. It was developed by the Atlas of Living Australia in collaboration with many organisations to assist users in collecting field data for their own projects as well as to enable new biodiversity data to be easily copied into the ALA where it can be available for others to use in research, policy and management. This allows individual projects to collectively contribute to “big science”.

BioCollect is designed for scientists, ecologists, citizen scientists and natural resource managers to collect and manage their biodiversity, ecological and natural resource management (NRM) data. It is hosted by the ALA and is free for public use.

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Also interesting is that the ALA aligns to existing data standards, a primary one being Darwin Core:

The ALA uses Darwin Core, an internationally developed biodiversity data interchange standard, as it’s core data model and point of standardisation.