Invitation To Speak At Environmentally-Themed DEFCON 201 Online Meet Up on June 18th

Greetings !

First, about us:

DCG 201 (aka DEFCON 201 or DC 201) is the North New Jersey sub-chapter of DEFCON GROUPS that spun from the DEF CON convention that is the largest computer hacker convention in the USA. We are a hardware and software hobbyist open workshop group that meets in Jersey City NJ. For more details you can check out our website at: []

We are huge fans of your work after finding out about your organization at a past LibreCon and would be honored to invite you Virtually to our Online LIVE Stream on June 18th!

We are going to use Big Blue Button for the presentations that will be rebroadcasted to our Twitch, dLIve and YouTube. We normally have our meetings start between 6pm and 7pm EST and stream for three to four hours. Your time spent on your presentation/interview can be from 10 minutes to 1 hour and everything in between.

If you are unable to have a representation in person at a EST time that works for both parties, we do accept pre-recorded videos by your organization to air on our stream in your stead.

What we would need is who is speaking, the title of said talk, description of the talk and the Bio(s) of all the participants involved.

If you have any questions or want to confirm/deny our invitation you can reply in this thread or email me directly at “”.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your answer,

– Sidepocket ( Co-Founder of [DEFCON 201]*

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Thanks for posting this @Sidepocket ! Sorry for the late reply! I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, unfortunately - but perhaps someone else in the community would!

I will post this to our chat room…

We are about to make an announcement that we are going to move the meeting to NEXT Friday on June 24th at 7pm EST. Please get back to me ASAP.