Is there a way to add years to the planting/seeding/transplanting form?

Is there a way to add earlier years to the planting (transplanting) form? I’ve got trees that were planted back in 1997, but I don’t have a way to add that year to the form.

Ah! Good point @kyle - the date selection widgets only goes back 10 years. The database itself supports any valid timestamp, though - so it’s just a UI issue.

Trying to think what the best short/long term solutions are… We aren’t doing much more development on farmOS 1.x right now, but this problem will also exist in farmOS 2.x. So we should think about a longer-term solution in that context, and a shorter-term solution for you.

For your purposes, the easiest solution might be to use the CSV importer to create your older records. I think that will allow any date.

There are other options, but that might be the all-around easiest in the short-term.