Limit or pictures for a report, device

Hi I noticed that there is a fixed limit of pictures that can be uploaded for each entry.
I would be nice to have the ability to add more than the current 4 pictures.
This could be useful to add details of equipment that can be checked if needed.
At the moment I use folders outside of farmOS but it would be nice to have it all in the database.
This could be also useful for more details on plant development or diseases.
Is the limit set by drupal or in the farmOS development?

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Hi @Lars are you trialing farmOS on Farmier? There is a limit to the number of files that can be uploaded during the trial period - so maybe that’s what you’re seeing? Or if you are seeing some kind of limit in a self-hosted instance then something else might be going on. There shouldn’t be a limit.

I am running it on my own server.
I just tried with many different file sizes. You are right there is no limit in general.

However if I try to upload 4 files (at once) with 10mb each I get the following error:
“An unrecoverable error occurred. The uploaded file likely exceeded the maximum file size (32 MB) that this server supports.”

If I do 3x10MB and 3x10MB its not a problem.

Can you say/guess if this is can be set in the PHP setup?

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Ah ok! Yes! That is a PHP setting: max_upload_size (and related: max_post_size).

Here is a guide on

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PS There are other PHP settings that are recommended for farmOS here:

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