How to resize Image when upload

I take a photo on my phone, it’s same 8MB.
When upload to farmos, it’s like 2.5MB but size is maximum (3000*4000)
It’s take a lot of storage. How to auto resize when i upload. Any solutions?

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I would like to also do this. I am sure that Drupal can do this using GD or something but cannot find such a setting.

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By default Drupal doesn’t provide an option to resize images on upload. But there is a contrib module that can do that:

It allows configuring image style that will be automatically applied to images on upload. By default after installation it will use ‘Upload’ image style that scales down images to be at most 2000px wide, but this default image style can be modified, or other custom image style can be used.


Thank you so much, i will try this

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Wow, i’t’s Working. Thanks so much wotnak, you make my day