Map API key doesnt work


I started my FarmOS without filling the google maps API key. so i just tryied to do so ( i entered the key and made the billing in GCP active). it looks just the same as before with an error massage “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly”. why do my maps still dont work?

Does the Google API Authentication Method needs to be changed?

any solution?

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Check the Javascript console in your browser. As I vaguely recall, there were a few steps to getting a key fully functioning for maps API usage and the intermediate errors were logged as javascript errors/warnings.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but I just recently updated the docs for API keys:

It has a new link to instructions for obtaining a Google API key. Does that look like the same process you went through @Ido? I know there are different kinds of Google Maps API keys, and you specifically want the “Javascript” kind.

Also: have you tried again since you first set up the key? According to Goolge it can take up to 5 minutes for a key to become active.